Copenhagen Hidden Gems


The Cisterns in Søndermarken, right next to the impressive Frederiksberg Gardens, is an underground museum featuring modern glass art from Denmark and around the world.

Bike on an old railroad

Amagerbanen was once one of the old railroads in Copenhagen. Today, only 1,5 km of the rails remains. But a group of enthusiasts has taken care of the passage, making it possible to ride trolleys through a magical tunnel of leafs.

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is a green oasis in the middle of Copenhagen, right at Nørreport Station. Walk in the park and visit the beautiful exotic Palm House. Tip: If you’re want a bite to eat or something to drink head to the popular glass markets, Torvehallerne, which is a stone’s throw from the Botanical Garden and take a coffee break in one of Torvehallerne’s many stalls.
In the forests outside Copenhagen you will find six large wooden giants created by the artist Thomas Dambo. The giants are made of recycled wood and intended to get the city’s inhabitants to venture into nature and discover new places.

Rosnaes Wine Region

You may not think of Copenhagen or Denmark when it comes to wine, but SURPRISE – Denmark has a wine region. This is due to advances in wine production and global warming, Denmark has a growing number of vineyards.
If you’re keen to visit a winery in Denmark, you can take the train to the Rosnaes peninsula, about 45 minutes outside of the city. It’s a beautiful destination with coastal charm and a microclimate that results in just enough sunny days to support an emerging wine industry.
Dyrehoj Vineyards is the largest wine producer in Denmark and they offer tours, tastings and year-round events. A perfect excuse to sample the best Danish wines on offer!

The Beaches of Copenhagen

Another travel attraction and Copenhagen gems that you wouldn’t associate with Copenhagen is a white sand beach, but they’re there and you should visit them.
Just south of the city centre, you can find the lovely Baltic Sea beachfront of Amager Strandpark. The park is a short walk from the M2 metro line and features 4.2 km of beach along a manmade island off the coast. It’s connected to the mainland by scenic bridges and off the coast, you can see the Middelgrunden wind farm.
While the waters aren’t as warm as Spain’s Costa Brava, the soft sand is wonderful on a sunny day and you can enjoy a swim in the offbeat Baltic waters.

Climb the Spire of the Church of Our Saviour

Any time you visit a new city, getting a birdseye view from above is a good idea. In Copenhagen, the most popular place for tourists to take in a view is the historic Round Tower in the city centre. While it’s a lovely attraction, get a little offbeat and climb the unique Church of Our Saviour.
What makes the church unique is that you can climb to the very top of the structure because the spiral spire is actually an exterior staircase. If you don’t have a problem with heights, it’s the best way to see the city from above and a thrilling climb.
From the top, you have a wonderful view of the Christianhavn canals that you won’t see from the Round Tower. At the top, you can even see Sweden across the sound from the Danish coast.


One of the best things about visiting Copenhagen is the abundance of green spaces and parks in the city. Among the most unique parks is Superkilen, located in the Norrebro neighbourhood. One of the best hidden gems in Copenhagen.
The area of the city is one of the most diverse and under-privileged sections of Copenhagen. Superkilen park was designed to be a place that brings together the local community with the refugee community in Copenhagen.
Elements of the park were designed with influences from countries around the world like a fountain from Morocco and sculpture from Japan. The park is beautiful in appearance, but the mission of tolerance makes it a truly special place to visit in Copenhagen.


This spot is probably what most tourists would imagine Copenhagen to look and feel like. It was built back in the 19th century to accommodate the working class of Copenhagen. The cramped and charming two-story houses are among the best places to live in Copenhagen.
This spot was named Kartoffelrækkerne because it was built on old market gardens and its layout looked like rows of potatoes. The houses are located in the eastern parts of Copenhagen which are quiet and serene. They are also right next to the lakes. This makes Kartoffelrækkerne the ideal spot for strolling and jogging.

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